Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Every Year About This Time

Every year about this time I start thinking about what type of gift to buy the hubby for our wedding anniversary. This year we are hitting the big thirteen. It's hard to believe that thirteen years have passed us by. Where does the time go? I want to do something really special for him this year. I'm just not sure of what it is yet. Does anyone have any gift ideas? Please do share! Finding gifts for him have always been such a struggle for me to come up with. He's your basic type of guy that likes tools, cars, and hunting. It's not easy for me to pick things out that he likes, especially since I have no knowledge about tools, cars or hunting. I'm thinking that this year might be a good time to get some advice from his brother or his best friends on gift ideas.

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  1. How about something sentimental, like a watch with an engraving or something like that? Just stopping by, because I've started blogging again, and wanted to catch up with my blogging friends :)


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