Thursday, May 10, 2012

Frugal Shopping Is The Key

The hubby and I have been trying to pinch our pennies so that we can eventually move out of our little apartment and buy a home of our own. I truly feel that being frugal while your grocery shopping is the key. It seems that we spend the most in our budget on food items. We recently started shopping at our local store that sells food items in large quantities. Wow, what a difference our grocery bill has become. We get twice as much food for only a few extra dollars. I love shopping at these great stores, but there is a down side. Some of the items are just to large for me to lift them up on to the counter for check out. I really wish that our new found grocery store would up date with a bluetooth barcode scanner. This little gadget would make my life and the cashiers life so much easier.  Hopefully in the near future they'll get with the times.  For the most part I really love purchasing our food items in large bundles.  These bundles of food last us at least three weeks at a time and it saves us form going shopping each week.

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