Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Musical Journey

My little angle is starting to show an interest in learning how to play an instrument. As a mommy I'm so excited to get her started on her journey. She seems to be really interested in learning my guitar. I haven't really mastered the guitar yet, but I'm hoping that she will. I have such a love for music that I want to share that love with everyone, especially my little girl. If she does start to play an instrument I'd love to invest in protools 10. What a great way to invest in our child's love for music. So I've decided to start looking around for a guitar teacher that will work with our little eight year old daughter. I'm so excited to share this journey with her. I remember when I was about 9 years old I started playing the clarinet and it was such a new and amazing world to be apart of. I hope that she comes to love music just as I have.

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