Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Searching Out A New Vacation Destination

The hubby and I have always come to Florida as our favorite vacation destination. Now that we live here it's not really the place that we want to spend our vacation days. We've both been throwing around ideas of new vacation spots, but when I mentioned going out of the country he really seemed to like the idea. We have never ventured far from home and going on vacation to a new foreign land sounds so exciting to both of us.

Now that we've decided to venture out of the country we need to find the perfect vacation spot. We have a friend who went on vacation to Budapest, Hungry and stayed at some really luxurious Budapest Hotels that were economically price. So we've decided to check out Budapest.

 During my research of our new vacation destination I've learned Budapest is sure an amazing place to visit. There is so much to do in this city full of rich history. There is the city of spas, which offers 15 million gallons of water bubbling in 118 springs. Wow, what a great place to go relax for the day. Plus I'm really interested in checking out the Roman ruins of the Aguincum Museum. I'm a huge history buff and would be in complete heaven visiting this place that is just busting full of history. There is also Hero's Square and State Park that is definitely a must see. I'd love to stop there during our adventures and stop and picnic.

 I remember as a child that my grandma always wanted to see St. Stephen's Basilica. Unfortunately she never did get a chance to make that journey. So in her memory I'd love to see this amazing church and it's breath-taking architecture.

 On our last night there I'd really love to check out the local dinning and see what type of food people eat in Hungry. After our dinning experience I want to stop by the pub-crawl and visit all the local pubs and nightlife. To end our night hopefully I can convince my hubby to take me on a romantic horse and carriage ride. That would be a great end to an amazing vacation.

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