Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Making Our Dreams Come True

The hubby and I have always dreamed of owing our own little vacation home. We thought we would love to have a little place off the ocean. Then two years ago we moved to Florida and now we live a mile from the coast. We really don't want to vacation near home. So we've decided to check out real estate in louisville ky. I've always loved Kentucky. I've traveled there several times in my life and it's one of my favorite states to visit. It would be so great to have a little place to enjoy our retirement years. I'm hoping we find a great deal that we can afford.

Oh How I Want a New Wedding Ring

It's been 17 years since I received my beautiful wedding ring. I still love my amazing wedding ring, but it sure would be nice to get a new ring for our wedding anniversary next year. I keep hinting around to the hubby that's it time that he upgrade my ring. I'm not sure he's catching on to all my hints. I was thinking about checking I heard through the grape vine that they have some amazing prices. Maybe if I can find a great deal the hubby will cave and get me that ring I've been hinting around for. I would really love one of those gorgeous platinum wedding rings. Preferably with a 1/2 carat plus diamond. Maybe this year will be the year. Fingers crossed.

Time To Visit The Cousins

It's been a while since I've made a visit to the sweet Carolina's. I've got tons of relatives who live there. It's just been hard to find the time. I've decided it's time to go check out how the family is doing and stop for a visit. The hubby and I have a trip planned in a few months. It's going to be so great to get a way for a little while. My cousin is so excited that we are coming up for a visit that she has gone crazy cleaning and preparing. So crazy in fact that she hired raleigh carpet cleaning to clean all the flooring. I'm so happy they are excited about our little visit. It's be nice to see those beautiful mountains again and breath in all that fresh mountain air.

Happy Hump Day

I'm so glad that it's hump day. It's been a long week at work already. Our entire computer system decided to crash on Monday. It's been crazy trying to function without a computer system. Some how the other girls and I seem to be keeping it all together. I'm so glad that week is half way done. I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I sure need some relaxation time. I think I'm going to take the little gal and head to the beach Saturday morning. I love getting there early and watching the ocean wake up for the new day to come. So Happy Hump Day to all my blogging buddies. Yippie, it's almost the weekend.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loving The Jams

Our little girl has been doing great at picking up the guitar. I'm sure a proud mama. It's great to know that she has inherited some of my musical talent. I'm so proud in fact that I've been thinking about picking a new peavey amplifiers. That little piece of equipment would sure add to her musical abilities. I'm even thinking about picking me up an old saxophone to test my musical memory. It's been along time since I picked up an instrument like this, but I think it would be a great talent. My birthday is coming up in a few months and I think I'm going to hint around to the hubby that I'd love some brass to crank out some jams.