Wednesday, February 6, 2008

College and My Sister

My sister went back to college a few years back. This was a hard task for her due to her being out for so long. She has changed her major several times, but this time I think she has finally found her passion. She has gone into photography. This semester is her 2nd class. She has only been taking one class every semester. I watch as she struggles to work and continues her education. It’s amazing to me the artistic nature of her eye. She visualized these fantastic shots then captures them. I truly believe that she has a real talent for this profession and has found the artist inside. She has taught me so much about my camera and how to take different shots. I’m always eager to hear about the new things she has learned. When she speaks about her classes and shows me her photos I see such happiness and passion. This makes me happy. She has not been happy for many years now. I hope this gives her soul the peace she deserves in life. She has recently applied for a grant so that she can go part- time to school instead of taking one class a semester. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that she gets it. That would take such a financial burden off her mind. I have attached a sample of her work. Good job sister!!!

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