Friday, February 8, 2008

Global Warming

I'm a true believer of global warming. At the age of 19 my very first paper in college was about the green house effect. It really opened my eyes to the changes that our world is going through. This crazy thing that is happening to the earth scares me. About a year ago me and my husband watched the movie An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore. It's a fantastic movie and I would suggest that anyone who cares about our world and the environment to please go rent it. This movie really hit home with me. At home we try everything possible to go green and stay green. Though to go green is an expensive task to complete. So, we do things a little at a time. It's amazing to me that we the people of this world have contributed to this breakdown of our atmosphere and our world. I have attached a link to a movie clip that I received today. I thought it was great!! It explains this global warming problem in a nut shell. Enjoy!!

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  1. It was -5 this morning at my house lol. Thank God we're not heading for an ice age. But seriously, I've been doing a lot of "green" things too. I made shopping bags for our family for Christmas and I use them all the time. Small change, but every little bit helps.


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