Friday, April 25, 2008

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Movie Review

NR - Not Rated
Run Time - 132 Minutes

A dark chapter of U.S. history comes to light in this epic saga (Emmy winner for Best Made-for-TV Movie) of the U.S. government's extermination of the American Indians. Beginning after the Sioux victory at Little Big Horn, the film traces the stories of three men: a Sioux doctor (Adam Beach), a lobbying senator (Aidan Quinn) and the Lakota hero Sitting Bull (August Schellenberg). The acclaimed cast also features Anna Paquin and Fred Dalton Thompson as Ulysses S. Grant.

If you enjoy movies on history this is the movie for you. I loved Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. Great acting and story line. This movie was a little long but I was always wanting more. I learned a lot about the extermination of the American Indian by our U.S. government. I guess this movie is close to my heart because I'm part Cherokee Indian and I wanted to know what my ancestors went through in this time period. It was a very terrible time for our country. The U.S. goverment did a huge injustice to the American Indian. I just couldn't believe how the government came in and stole the Indians lands and then slaughtered their family's. I truly learned a lot about history from this movie.

Definitely a 5 star movie out of a 5 star rating.

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