Friday, April 25, 2008

Out Sourcing Jobs In America

I just feel I need to vent about this today. My Internet went down last night around 5 pm. I'm very satisfied with AT&T and have never really had a problem with them. I just figured that AT&T's server was down. When the hubby got home he called their technical support line and waited and waited and waited. He finally got to talk to a real person. They told him things will be up and running by midnight. I was happy to hear that. That meant I didn't have to do any tweaking on the computer. Then this morning I boot up and sure enough I have no Internet connection. UGGGGGG!!!!! I call support at 8 am and get a nice gentleman on the phone. Though I'm having a hard time understanding him. He speaks with very broken up English,a thick accent and is using his words in the incorrect context. I keep saying what? Excuse Me? I feel like I'm being rude but I just can't understand him. He tries his best to help me and he was very nice. I just hate saying excuse me every other word he speaks to me. I feel as if I'm being rude. So we chat for a few seconds and he ask how my day is going so far. Duh!!! "I'm sitting on tech support at 8 am in the morning and I'm not happy". His response is "Where are you located." I respond by telling him "I'm in Michigan." I shoot the same question back at him. "Where are you at?" He responds by telling me he is in India. Hmmm, India??? I don't care where he is but as I'm sitting here listening to him ramble on about computer junk, I'm thinking to myself why does AT&T have tech support in India? Isn't AT&T an American based company? Then I figure to myself that they have out sourced out of the country. Why? Probably because it's cheaper to hire out of the country then it is to hire people in our own country. I just don't understand corporate America. We have so many unemployed people here that are hurting financially. Our foreclosure rate has sky rocketed due to the unemployed can't afford their homes anymore. This topic is close to my heart. I have a few friends that were with GM for several years and their jobs got outsourced to another country. I'm hearing everyday about someone new losing their jobs and they are moving out of state hoping that there is more opportunity else where. I've also run into this problem with Dell. We totally love ourDell computer but their support is terrible. With Dell's support you are also transferred to Indian. I just don't understand why these companies are not hiring people in our own country. What's wrong with them? I know that this is not the fault of the companies that are hired by american coporations. It's corporate Americas fault. Well, to sum up my computer issue. I was on the phone with support for 2 hours and then I got disconnect. Of course my computer issue was not resolved. I was so mad I wanted to cry!! I ended up fixing the computer problems myself. As you can see I'm back up and running this afternoon.

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  1. I had the same issue with my ATT Visa. It sounded like a lot of children or just plain chatter in the background. I had a real hard time just hearing her, let along understanding her. But on another front, just try calling your local post office. Talk about a nightmare. I ended up hanging up. What ever happened to personal service? Glad our office is still real keen on that.


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