Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 2nd Edition

Thursday thirteen. - 2nd Edition.

Thirteen places I've visited and what I liked about each place.

1. Key West, Florida
The keys are the most amazing place to visit. I loved it because the ocean surrounds you. The views are beautiful. There are many great things to do. We loved snorkeling on the reefs. We rented a 21 foot boat and took it out on the ocean for a fishing adventure. We got to swim with the dolphins. Swimming with the dolphins was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. Key West has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. We are definitely planning another trip some time in the near future.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada
We loved Vegas. Many great shows to go see. Of course we love to gamble, but only once in a while when we can afford it. We stayed at the luxurious Bellagio. The hotel was fantastic. We also went for a visit to the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam sites on the boarders of Nevada and Arizona. So I actually got to be in two states at once. That was really neat.

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

This was our honey moon spot. We loved the beach. It was so relaxing and there were tones of great bars to visit. Many great stores to shop. The mountain scenery was really beautiful. We loved Virginia Beach. We will definitely be going back for a visit again.

4. Boone, North Carolina

I just love this state. We use to go visit every year because we had family there. I love the town of Boone. It's a small little town with lots of fun places to shop and stop for a meal. Plus you can take a car ride on the gorgeous Blue Ridge Park way.

5. Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg is the colonial capital of Virginia. They are known for the restoration activities and recreation of 18th century America. There are 301 acres of colonial homes and plantations to tour. It was fun to learn about their history.

6. Orlando, Florida

I loved Orlando There are many great theme parks. Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Disney World is my favorite. You have to visit there a least once in your life. Many great live shows to watch, great stores to shop, fun amusements rides and of course you have to get a picture with Mickey and Minnie mouse.

7. Charleston, South Carolina

This city is a must see. It's an old southern city with such charm. This city is rich in history. There are many historical sites to visit. Charleston is located on the Atlantic coast and the views are breath taking. I would love to go back for a visit.

8. Frankenmuth, Michigan

It's been a long time family tradition to take a trip to Frankenmuth every November. We like to go right before Christmas. This little German town is amazing. They decorate the entire town for Christmas and it's breath taking. You really feel the Christmas spirit. There are two restaurants that we usually eat at. Zenders and The Bavarian Inn. They serve the most delicious chicken dinner that I have ever tasted. The best part is that there are never ending refills. How great it that? We also stop for a visit at Bronners Christmas Wonderland. It's the worlds largest Christmas store. I usually try and buy a few ornaments from there each year. If you're in Michigan this is a must see.

9. Blowing Rock, North Carolina

Before 1752, when Moravian Bishop August Gottlieb Spangenberg visited the blowing rock area, the windy cliffs of the area were home to the Cherokee and the Catawba Indian tribes, hostile to each other, and the basis for the story of “The “Blowing Rock”. Two star-crossed lovers, one from each tribe, were walking near The Rock when the reddening sky signaled to the brave that he must return to his tribal duty, and the maiden urged him to stay with her. His desperation in choosing between duty and love caused him to leap from the edge of the gorge toward the rocks below, while the maiden beseeched the Great Spirit to bring him back to her. The famous winds of the John’s River Gorge blew her lover back into her arms, and this legend about The Blowing Rock is still told today. I think the story and the history is what attracted me to this place. Especially since I'm part Cherokee Indian. It's just a small tourist attraction but I thought it was such a sweet story I had to stop for a visit. Me and the hubby stopped here in 1997 and really enjoyed learning all the history.

10. Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain was a place that my parents started taking me to as a small child and still visit as an adult.
The original Cherokee name for the mountain was "Tanawha," meaning "a fabulous hawk or eagle." It was named "Grandfather" by pioneers who recognized the face of an old man in one of the cliffs. Many vantage points reveal different faces, so there is no one official profile of the mountain, but the most popular can be seen from the community of Foscoe, seven miles north of Linville and 10 miles south of Boone on NC 105. I've never really seen the face of the old man but my dad has tried showing me several times. I still really enjoy this place. There is a one mile high bridge you can cross. That still scares me to this day.

10. Tweetsie Railroad, North Carolina

This is a great amusement park for kids and adults alike. They have a train ride you can take. On the journey the train gets stopped buy Indians and the train is attacked. It's an old fashioned gun fight. It scared me a little when I very small but as I got older I remember really enjoying it. They also have an amusement park and live shows. Great place to take the family. I'd love to take my little girl someday. Tweetsie Railroad has a special place in my heart.

11. Port Austin, Michigan

Port Austinis located off of Lake Huron. We went a few years ago to stay at our friends vacation home. We ended up bring our 17 foot boat to take a ride on lake Huron. That was fantastic. We really had a great time. It's so beautiful there. The town is so cute. If like light houses and are into history there are many to see there. This would be a great place for us to buy our own vacation home.

12. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I visited Fort Lauderdale when I was eighteen. It was spring break of 1988. I went with three of my good friends. We are still talking about our trip and it's been 20 years later. We all enjoyed the beached and night life. There are so many great things to do there. We mostly shopped because being 18 we really didn't have that much money to spend. I remember we all had the times of our life's.

13. Muskegon, Michigan

About a year ago me and the hubby went to Michigan Adventure with some friends. We all had a great time there. They have the best water park. On the way home the hubby decided to take me to see Lake Michigan. Yes, I'm a Michigan native and have never seen the big lake. It was so amazing to me. It was like seeing the ocean, but only it was in Michigan. It was a gorgeous view. We sat on the beach with our little girl and watched the sunset. I would like to go back and stay for a weekend.

Well, that's my 13 places that I've visited. It sure does seem like I stay to the north or south. I think it's time to go out west and visit.


  1. Gosh... I think I've been to Williamsburg - but many of these places I've never even heard of!! And how great is that. Frankenmuth? Fun!

    Great TT!

  2. You've listed some great places. I've visited, and enjoyed, about two-thirds of them. Orlando? Not my favorite. I followed the theme, too, listing some places I've been. Happy TT!

  3. I need to get out more lol Fun list! Happy T13!

  4. Tweetsie Raliroad! Yay! How nice to see so many close to my home. (NC)

  5. Ive been to a few of those places. My oldest son live in Virginia Beach now. Great list. Happy TT.

  6. Been to two of them, and I'd love to see the rest.

  7. I loved the sunsets in Key West also. Great tt

  8. We went to Las Vegas too. Looks like I'll have to check some of these out.

    Here's my link:

  9. A vacation anywhere sounds great right about now. Happy TT! All your places sound so much fun.

  10. I haven't been to any of these places, but I find it so curious that so many people are listing Michigan locations today. Happy TT, mine is up @ The Cafe if you'd like to pop by.

  11. Hey! I'm new to TT too, this week was my 1st! I met my hubby when we both lived in VA Beach, where you had your honeymoon at! and we honeymooned in orlando! happy t13!

  12. there's a place out west where you can actually be in four states at once. - Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. The kids thought that was pretty cool.

  13. Great list!

    Your little one is so cute!


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