Sunday, May 11, 2008

Frontiers Movie Coming to Select Theaters Near You

Riots break out in Paris due to the election of a right winged official. A thief named Yasmina decides to get a group together to take advantage of these outbreaks by looting. Due to the police closely trailing the group of thieves, they decide to split up and later meet at an inn to split their loot. That was a bad decision for the thieves. A crazy neo- nazi who wants to use Yasmina as the subject for a new master race owns the inn they stop at.

The movie Frontiers hits select theaters May 9, 2008. This movie will be only at theaters for one week. The DVD release date is scheduled for May 13, 2008. The reason for this short run time at movie theaters is the fact it received a NC 17 rating for extreme sadistic gore and violence. Most movies that get a NC 17 rating never make it to the theaters but amazingly Frontiers actually did. Originally this movie was to be part of the After Dark Horror Festival called 8 films to die for. After Dark Films decided to run the film only for a week on the big screen instead of editing the movie and changing the rating to R. They wanted to leave the movie uncut and uncensored. As most of my friends know I'm a huge horror movie fan. I decided to watch the trailer and my only words are Wow!! This movie is full of blood and gore. Yes, I was scared. The Frontier trailer was dark, creepy, terrifying and had many slasher parts. If you love horror movies that are bloody and disgusting then Frontier(s) is the movie for you.

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