Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is She Ready For Preschool?

I'm so excited. Monday I enrolled our daughter into preschool. I have to be honest it was a little expensive. It's $780.00 for the entire school year. I guess there is no such thing as free preschool these days. My husband I and went for a visit on Tuesday to check out the school. I was really impressed with the class room setting as well as what they will be teaching the kids. They have the classes at an old elementary school. Which means she'll be use to a classroom setting when she starts kindergarten. I forgot how small everything looks in little people school. Little bathrooms, coat racks and chairs. It was just so cute! When I first entered the school the smell reminded me of my school years. Do all schools smell the same? LOL! The teacher assured us that she will be emotionally and intellectually ready for kindergarten by the time she has completed preschool. The teachers make sure of this. The women teaching the class has been a teacher for over 20 years. I was glad to hear that. This school is also the longest running preschool in the county that I live in. I think this will be great for my little one. I due have to admit I'm going to have a hard time letting her go. My hubby doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I guess it's a mommy thing.

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