Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Would Think We Owned A Ferrari

It seems like with this down turn in the economy I'm always having a hard time staying ahead of our bills. Just when I think I'm getting ahead financially something comes up to break our pocket book. For example, the hubby called about an hour ago to let me know that a brake line busted on his 1990 Toyota work truck this morning. He'll be stranded at work tonight until he fixes it. He's just freaking out right now trying to find the new brake line for the truck. You'd think he was looking for hard to find Ferrari parts. See what a mean, just another unexpected expense. Plus the hubby and I decided to get the little one involved in some extra activities this coming up school year. We live way out in the country so it's hard for her to make friends. We just enrolled her in kindergarten tap dance and soccer. The soccer only last up until the beginning of October. We also still need to enroll her in religious education which is through our church, and yes all of these classes cost money. I'm so glad that I have my mom. She has offered to pay for the tap dance lessons and the religious educations classes. Thanks mom! My little girl is just so excited about all her new upcoming activities.

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