Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold Weather And Warm Thoughts

It been so cold out that I can hardly stand going outside to get in to the truck to take the little gal to school. This morning the temperature gage in my truck displayed a balmy 16 degrees. Way to cold for this lady. I keep dreaming of a nice warm vacation to a beautiful tropical location. My brother in-law mentioned that he has tons of flyer miles racked up and offered to let the hubby and I use them for a vacation. So, of course we are thinking about heading back to the wonderfully warm state of Florida. I was reading that Destin Florida is suppose to be a great family vacation spot. I was thinking about looking into some destin hotels in the area. I sure could use a break away from this cold and frigid weather. At this very moment it is snowing at my house. It's been snowing since around 8 am this morning. I'll just stay positive and keep dreaming about warmer weather.


  1. I hope it warms up for you soon!

  2. We went to Destin for years and it is gorgeous. It is more developed now but some folks like that better. There are some other, less developed areas right next to it that are also great.
    Go! Have fun!


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