Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Computers Are A Necessity In Life

The hubby and I are huge computer geeks. We love our computers and anything to do with technology. He has his own desktop computer and I have my own laptop. It seems like we do everything on line from paying bills to checking the weather. I'm not sure what we ever did without computers. Computers are definitely a necessity in our life's. The hubby has been having a few problems with his desktop. It's quit old and I think it's time for a new updated machine. I have an Acer laptop and just love it. So we've decided to check out the acer desktops. I can't wait to get our new computer and play around with the new technology.


  1. Willy likes his computer tooo.

    10-4 Willy

  2. We are sadly, Mac snobs. They are so expensive. I think I could buy like five Acers. That way we all could have one instead of fighting over the one blasted, precious, Mac. I have no idea how we lived without computers... did you hear they are saying it's a human right now? Internet access. Water. Food. Shelter.


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