Friday, October 14, 2011

Hidden Treasures

My grandma passed away about four years ago.  There isn't a day that passes by that I don't miss her.  After her passing the entire family had to clean our her home, which was packed full of sixty years worth of treasures.  Some of these treasures included pictures, fine china and the most amazing treasure was a collection of old coins.  I found the coins to be very interesting, so I ended up taking up the hobby of coin collecting.  There is so much history in just one little coin that you'd be amazed.  The next item I'd like to add to my collection are some morgan dollars. I've been saving a little each month and I'm hoping to have enough by the holidays. I've often wondered how much my little collection is worth, though I don't think I'd sell it because they belonged to my grandma.  Maybe someday I'll have the courage to go get an appraisal.

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