Friday, October 14, 2011

Loving The Rustic Style

It's so nice to have our own place again.  For about a year we were renting from my mom and that was beyond words hard. We're enjoying our little apartment, but I wish that I could of moved more of our things from back home.  Our apartment is small and we just didn't have the room.  Most of our belongings are currently in storage.  Hopefully in about a year when we purchase our next home we'll be able to move the rest of our things to our new residence.  Since I couldn't move as many things as I would of liked we are running short on lamps.  Our apartment seems to be a little on the dark side.  I came across these adorable little rustic lamps at one of our local retail stores and just fell in love. I've been hinting around to the hubby that I sure would love one for my upcoming birthday in December. Fingers crossed that my wish comes true.

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