Saturday, October 22, 2011

How The World Has Changed

It's crazy to me how the world has changed in the past ten years. Technology seems to advance at warp speeds and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up. I've noticed since we've moved to Florida that the medical community functions a little different then it did in Michigan. Each and every appointment I've made here they require you to receive your new patients forms via email. Then they expect you to complete the forms at home and either fax them back to the office or scan and send by way of email.  Some places require the paperwork back before you can even make an appointment.  I'm so thankful that we purchased our scanner a few years ago and I figured out how to do document scanning. If I hadn't had this scanner I would have to find a place to scan and send back my paperwork. Especially since I don't own a fax machine and don't plan on making that type of purchase. It's nice to have this type of technology handy.

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