Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yippie For Graduations

Graduation is such a huge accomplishment in anyone's life.  I remember like it was yesterday when my little one graduated from kindergarten. It was such a big day for our little gal, and a bigger day for mommy and daddy.  Of course our parents came to see their first grandchild's first graduation and they were all beaming with happiness.  This year my brother-in-law will be graduating with his masters degree, with plans to go on with his PhD degree  We are all so very proud of him for his hard work and all his accomplishments.  I mentioned to him that I feel he should have a huge party to celebrate these achievements.  He told me that it sounded like a great idea and that he plans on invited the entire family.   I've been trying to help him set the party planning in gear  and I came across graduation invitations. Wow, what an amazing place to meet all your invitation needs. They have invites for birthdays to special religious accomplishments. You name the invitation they have it. They even offer graduation gifts too. I'm so glad I came across this place because it's going to make my party planning so much easier.

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