Friday, February 10, 2012

Looking For Something Mobile

The hubby and I are all about the new technology that hits the market each year. It's amazing how fast ones computer becomes out of date. We have a laptop that's only two years old and it's considered a dinosaur compared to the new laptops out on the market. Yes, we've even started looking for a laptop replacement. Though we did just buy a new desktop that I'd just love to place on one of those fantastic mobile computer carts. Having a mobile computer makes my life so much easier. Over the holidays I had the opportunity to visit my mom at work in action. She's a nurse and works at one of the biggest hospitals in the area. I noticed that everyone was pushing around a mobile computer cart around the hospital. That way they can bring the needed technological to each patient. Now, I just need to convince the hubby that we need one of these fun carts.

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